Roxanich Motovun - Long Aged Rare Natural Wines -

Roxanich Motovun is a boutique winery specializing in rare, long aged, natural wines from ancient Venetian lands.

Our selection of 20 organic labels ranges from crisp whites to honeysuckle rosés, to long aged and macerated white, orange and deep, dark and rich reds, divided into three distinct collections: PHILOSOPHY, SORELLE and FIRST ROSES.

Roxanich Motovun - Freedom by Nature

The Roxanich winery represents a proud heritage of more than two decades of winemaking, in one of the world’s most picturesque viticultural landscapes. Nestled between the heartland of Istrian winemaking and the Venetian coasts, Mladen Rožanić continues not only to produce strictly limited quantities of wines with heritages stretching back hundreds of years, but also to evolve with new varieties only just breaking into the global wine scene, producing authentic wines in harmony with nature.

This rich history permeates everything we do: from the careful control of our deliberately small- scale production, to our strict adherence to organic, natural winemaking. The Swiss entrepreneur Mladen Rožanić founded his avantgarde winery in Motovun, Croatia, with single estate vineyards in Western Istria, and runs it still today personally with his six daughters, the eponymous Sorelle, with focus on uncompromising quality. Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it.

  1. Destination Motovun

    The spectacular Roxanich winery, as well as the cutting-edge design hotel of the same name, are located in the medieval town of Motovun, in central Istria, Croatia, right across the North-Adriatic from Venice.
  2. Wine Awakening

    Mladen’s followers must take time and invest real dedication to travel between the different stages he offers to spectators, a travel for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.
  3. Mladen Rožanić and the Sorelle

    Mladen Rožanić embodies that fiery passion for one’s art. Skills honed in a relentless pursuit of knowledge, hard work and love, are that secret ingredient of each bottle of wine he creates.

Roxanich in the Media

"For those who enjoy Merlot but prefer it in the style pioneered by Bordeaux, this isn't a bad bet. It could be described as traditional or idiosyncratic - either way, I am a fan." Will Lyons, The Wall Street Journal, USA about Merlot Vintage 2006

"A wine hotel with restaurant owned by one of Croatia's most famous winemakers. Spectacular architecture, great wines and modern and innovative Istrian cuisine." Falstaff International Restaurant Guide 2021: 91 Points Falstaff, Austria

"The Roxanich Wine and Heritage Hotel is an outstanding boutique hotel in the heart of the Istrian peninsula – Croatia’s best wine region. It offers exceptional levels of luxury, together with impeccable service, a memorable fine dining experience, and some of the swankiest-looking rooms anywhere in Croatia." The Telegraph, UK

"Vom Restaurant und von der Terrasse aus haben die Gäste nicht nur einen wunderschönen Blick auf die umliegenden Weingärten und Trüffelwälder im Mirna-Tal. Ein echter Hingucker ist auch der „Water Mirror“, ein nur vier Zentimeter tiefes Wasserbecken, in dem sich die umliegende Landschaft spiegelt und abends auch der Sonnenuntergang. Das „Roxanich“ bietet seinen Gästen zudem Erlebnispakete unter dem Motto „Von der Traube bis zum Glas“, die Führungen durch die Reblagen und den Weinkeller sowie eine Weinprobe enthalten." NZZ Bellevue, CH