Brand new launch of Roxanich’s “Freedom by Nature” Wines in Switzerland


Roxanich Winery presents its innovative, honest natural winemaking for independent people in Zürich


The strategically reinvented brand with its magnificent proposition of long aged, rare, natural wines from ancient Venetian lands was today officially presented at the Brand New World’s premises in Zürich, Switzerland, on February 8th 2022.

Wine and design lovers from all over Switzerland gathered to be inspired by this genuine family affair: They saw Brand New World’s new design of the wines based on Petra Rožanić’s exhibition of paintings - the family artist who’s paintings have been the inspiration for the new labels, listened to Mladen Rožanić‘s personal philosophy and creation lecture - dedicated to the exclusive topic of “Wine Awakening”, and sampled the winery’s new “Freedom by Nature” communication.

 Mladen Roxanich

The Swiss entrepreneur Mladen Rožanić from Kreuzlingen, Thurgau, founded his avantgarde winery back in his family’s ancient Venetian lands of Motovun in Istria, with single estate vineyards in the most sought-after terroirs of Western Istria, 25 years ago, and runs it still today personally with his six daughters, the eponymous Sorelle, with focus on uncompromising quality and biodynamic environmental impact.

“The thoughts we have, the wines we make and drink, and the art we enjoy - responsibly reflect the world we want to live in”, said Mladen Rožanić at the launch. He personally devoted his time to awaken the guests’ perception of long aged, natural wine, understanding it as nature intended it.

The international branding agency from Zurich, Brand New World, was responsible for professionally harmonizing all communication components of the winery, hotel and restaurant into a comprehensive new identity, collaborating with the new Roxanich generation present in Motovun, spearheaded by the smart and beautiful Sorelle Lara and Sara Rožanić. Their creative claim “Freedom by Nature” is the essence of everything Roxanich stands for in front of its customers and partners. Based both on Roxanich’s own strictly natural winemaking practices, as well as the personal beliefs that winemaker Mladen Rožanić and the Sorelle are building the whole family business on, “Freedom by Nature” is more than just the sum of its parts. It’s a strong philosophical statement inspired both by Rudolf Steiner’s teachings about nature and personal freedom, as well as an authentic, intimate historical background the Roxanich family brings with them, with their ancient Venetian heritage from the 1200’s. 

The Roxanich brand stands firmly behind family values of being an honest proposition for intelligent and independent people, wishing to form their own, highly informed and cultivated opinion about natural winemaking, and discover new frontiers in life as ultimate expressions of personal freedom. Wine enthusiasts agree that it was worth waiting for this new Roxanich style. The selection of 19 strictly organic wine labels, ranging from crisp whites to honeysuckle rosés, to long aged and macerated whites, orange as well as deep, dark and rich reds, is too plentiful to be experienced at once. For easier coordination, Roxanich wines are now divided into three distinct collections: PHILOSOPHY, SORELLE and FIRST ROSES. 

“We do not believe in selling you a promise, but to deliver on it. We firmly hold to the opinion that wine should be presented only when it reaches its balance, and its enjoyment readiness. This approach drives our work and defines our dedication to deliver mature and well coached wines. Our new collections and wine labels completely reflect this dedication”, said Mladen Rožanić.

With a maximum of knowledge, Mladen brings wines to bottles with a minimum of intervention. This thinking created his ultimate vision of vinifying and ageing international and indigenous varietals, such as Teran, Merlot, Borgonja Istriana, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, as expressed in his premium, signatory “Philosophy” range.


The “Sorelle” range is dedicated to Mladen Rožanić’s six daughters: the wines of love – the wines to love. The Lara, Petra, Sara, Mara, Zara and Tara wine labels continue Mladen’s tradition of macerated and spontaneously fermented wines, reflecting the sun, land, breath and soul of Istria in white and red.

 Roxanich Sorelle Collection

“The two most popular Croatian red varieties, the Plavac Mali grapes from the location of Dingač and the ancient Istrian grape of Teran, are blended together for the first time in history in the wine that bears my name. Just like this blend, my paintings reflect seemingly incompatible components, but at the same time express the fullness of my personal freedom”, claimed Petra Rožanić, the name patron of Roxanich’s Petra 2/6.

 Roxanich First Roses Collection

Finally, the “First Roses” collection is made of Roxanich’s arguably “entry level” wines - whites, reds and rosés - vinified in neutral tanks. In the names of the wines themselves one finds traces of Istrian and Venetian history, geography, culture and heritage. Montona, Mirna, Rovigno, Portorose, Draga and Venezia define the Roxanich “First Roses” range as a true homage to the beautiful landscape surrounding Roxanich’s vineyards and its magnificent people.