Destination Motovun

The spectacular Roxanich winery, as well as the cutting-edge design hotel of the same name, are located in the medieval town of Motovun, in central Istria, Croatia, right across the North-Adriatic from Venice.

Heart of Istria. Crossroads of memories. Mix of cultures, each leaving its mark on the history, tradition and culture of this peaceful land. Ancient Rome, Venice, France and Austria Hungary - empires have vied for Istria, enriching its heritage.

Today, the unique Istrian terroir, combined with outstanding craftsmanship of simple and natural winemaking, is yielding worldwide acknowledgment and recognition to the Roxanich wine collections. In the names of Roxanich wines you can find traces of Istrian and Venetian history and geography, and of our culture and heritage. The reflections of those moments define the Mladen Roxanich wine making.


Motovun is an ancient guardian of Istria, a destination rich in culture, gastronomy and terroir. An enchanting place, determined to delight all our senses. The Roxanich Montona is our full-hearted welcome to the worlds of the Malvasia Istriana grape and macerated white wines.

Mirna, Istria’s longest river, flooding the Motovun forest - the cradle of Istrian white truffles. It passes beneath the Roxanich Winery in Motovun and flows into the Adriatic Sea near Novigrad. In Roman times, Motovun was a harbor where small barges transported oil and wine giaras the larger trading ships in Mirna’s estuary port of Antenal.

Draga is a small Istrian River flowing through the countryside around the city of Buzet, along beautiful canyons and waterfalls. It brings love and water to fields of our divine Istrian truffles.

The Roxanich Rovigno, as the name implies, is dedicated to that most recognisable icon of the Adriatic coast and Istria - the postcard-perfect city of Rovinj. 

Portorose is an innovative rose, created as hommage to the chic Adriatic resort of Portorose, its aroma reminds of walking in the garden when picking up first roses in the season.

The Roxanich Venezia is our tribute to “La Serenissima” - the historical Republic of Venetia, our ancestors, and our history. It was a turbulent time of constant change, and this is precisely how the Roxanich Venezia was born: with the idea to create a bottled history of our heritage.During ancient Roman times, Porat Antenal was the second largest port in the Northern Adriatic. Only the port of Venice was larger than Antenal. According to ancient records, up to 50 boats under different flags rested here at any given time. In honor of those ships and the sailors and merchants who sailed on them, we created Porat Antenal: our first fortified wine grown from aged Istrian grapes with the spirit of those travelers discovering new horizons.

The SuperIstrian was always meant to be a symbol for the personal and collective achievements of the people of Istria. With this wine, we cherish the dedication and effort in performing exceptional contributions to our society. Mladen Rožanić’s Philosophy of long ageing is teaching us here why outmost care and love during the ageing process are so important for wine.

“Wine continues to live, and very often outlives its creator. Wine continues to live in the bottle as well, assuming that we are talking about natural wine. Wine has to be prepared for this long journey starting with immaculate work in the vineyard, via passionate work in the cellar, with a great love towards everything we are doing, giving the best of us all the way through”, notes Mladen Rožanić.