Mladen Rozanic embodies that fiery passion for one's art. Skills honed in a relentless pursuit of knowledge, hard work and love are that secret ingredient of each bottle of wine he creates.

Most of the grapes for the Roxanich wines come from the western parts of the Istria. This is the famous Red Istria, named for its uncommon, limestone-derived red soil type (terra rossa). Red soil is pH neutral and rich in nutrients and minerals – just perfect for grape growing.

Istria has a proud tradition of cultivating indigenous varieties. Roxanich grows Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Borgonja. The selection includes varietal and cuvees, as well as field blends (Gemischter Satz).

A 4000 m2 state-of-the-art winery situated at the foot of Motovun hill. It has been dug underground and spread over 5 floors, each of it planned for a specific wine production stage and a tasting room located on the top level. 

At the Roxanich Winery wines are aged in large wooden vats and barrels. This minimizes the area of contact of wood and grape and greatly reduces the infusion of wood tannins into the wine. The barrels and vats are reused as long as the wood remains healthy. This serves to further reduce the hydrolyzable tannin emission. The result places the wood in its intended role. It becomes a micro-oxygenation membrane, introducing the oxygen into the wine in a natural and controlled manner.

Synthetic chemicals are absent from the cellar. Sulfites are kept to minimal, necessary amounts, and the barrels are treated only with natural beeswax.

First Roses

First Roses range represent introductory wines vinified in neutral tanks - whites, reds and rose. Whites and rose are fresh and macerated from few hours to few days, while reds are lighter bodied and elegant. If you are yet to discover exciting world of the long aged, as well as orange wines, First Roses are perfect introduction.

Long macerated white wines (Orange selection)

Roxanich Winery sometimes affectionately refers to the long macerated range as “the whites dressed in red”, as these white wines are vinified the same way as classical reds.

This way the wine retains the original fruitiness of the grape, but pleasantly surprises the palate with the hearty richness of secondary aromas as a result of long contact with original tannins hidden in the skin and pits of the grape.

Characterized by an unmistakable palette of deep amber hues. Light start gradually rolling into a fierce, fulfilling finish. Dry and full-bodied, rounded off by an irresistible freshness. Meditative, energizing and raw.


The Roxandich reds are rich, bold wines, meant for long keeping and lasting enjoyment. Made with local, as well as widely recognized grape varietals, they offer a unique insight of Istrian winemaking.