Wine Awakening

Mladen’s followers must take time and invest real dedication to travel between the different stages he offers to spectators, a travel for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.

Just as he himself takes all the time in the world to develop these creations, stubbornly countering today’s fast, aggressive commercial production outputs. Mladen Rožanić goes the radically opposite path and gives his wines as much time as they need to harmonize on their own.

“Patience is a fantastic cellar technique”, he says. “Because wines need time to find each other.

He works tirelessly on the completion of his vision of earnest natural wine, created with love and minimal intervention, using long forgotten and neglected, ancient vinifying skills he applies now for more than 20 years.

“I pursue a new vision for winemaking. To achieve that, I need to change the awareness of wine lovers. Why should winemaking always promise the ideal interpretation of reality, and not depict the reality itself? My wines are honest, raw yet delicate as nature itself.”

Only to be calm in the knowledge that - by his own design - it will never be finished. As his 6 daughters, the famous Roxanich Sorelle, are slowly but surely taking over the family legacy and opening a completely new chapter for the future, the same way as it was performed since the 1200’s, when this old Venetian family’s elegant, certainly understated but certainly exiting voyage through the soul and the culture of our times started. In the meantime, Mladen himself never
stops exploring the world of wine:

„I want to awaken the perception of wine, understanding it as nature intended it. I want to explore its meaning, and transfer this cognition to wine lovers. I am returning to the origin, and i always discover something new.”