The Sorelle range is dedicated to Mladen Rožanić’s six daughters. Serious yet thoughtfully aged, the Sorelle range continues Mladen’s tradition of macerated and spontaneously fermented wines, reflecting the sun, land, breath and soul of Istria in white and red.

Sometimes affectionately referred to as our - whites dressed in red - these wines are vinified the same way as our classical reds, retaining the original fruitiness of the grape but with a heartier - and surprisingly tannic - kick to the palette, as a result of long contact with the skins and seeds of the grapes.

“The wines of love – the wines to love.” - says Mladen Rožanić. “Our barely tamed savages are satiating, powerful and gloriously raw. Meant for indulgence, they are equal parts hygge and umami - an experience like no other.”