Why Honest Natural Wines

What is honest wine for intelligent people?

We are exclusive importers to Switzerland for what we believe is arguably the most inspirational, elegant natural wine currently on the global market - Roxanich, and we offer the magic of Roxanich’s own not less than 20 wine labels. 

We present our products to three distinctive customers groups: wine shops, HoReCa and private wine lovers. 

We strongly feel that the time has come for a paradigm shift in wine.

Away from chemical, industrial wines made in enormous quantities mainly to generate profits for its investors - leading to honest, limited edition wines, not only farmed organically, but left equally untouched later in the wine-making process, without adding anything foreign or removing anything from the wine.

Away from the prevailing taste for “strong bouquet and alcohol content” artificially pumped up by the monopolising “Parkerisation” marketing - leading to a rediscovery of original, gentle tastes that impact your senses more sophisticated, more subtle, and much more rewarding.

Away from pesticides, chemicals and other additives - leading to wine made of - surprise - wine. Away from terrible headaches next morning - to a feeling of blessing and sheer happiness. Leaving fast turnarounds and efficient businesses goals to industries where they matter - coming back to the essence of winemaking: time - long, long times - which our avant-garde winemakers allow their wines to enjoy, until they are ready to meet you, honing the traditional art of winemaking. With ancient knowledge, perfected and carefully refined throughout the ages, carefully woven into each bottle.

Why Brand New Wines in Zürich now?

Zürich is one of the world capitals of intelligent people, smart and savvy. This is why we are here now. 

Our wines are meant for intelligent people, capable of opening their minds and senses, ready for an exiting voyage of personal discovery.

Natural wines are not for everyone. They require knowledge, learning, indulging and an insatiable quest for perfection. It’s impossible to love every natural wine, as they are personal, individual and with strong character. You need to discover your favourite labels first, which may takes months and rounds of tries, unlike plastic wines which always taste the same, but once you arrive there, you are fallen in love for a lifetime.

Then, as next step in development, the point of even your discovered and beloved natural wine label is that the first sip tastes different from the last zip. And completely different with different foods, atmospheres, contexts. That’s nature giving back to you. That’s pure emotion and intelligence. If you are afraid of that, please stay with conventional wines - they may not be the healthiest, but they offer a safe and traditional outcome.

For every Chanel and Armani fan, with full respect to those venerable fashion houses, there is an open mind interested in Comme des Garçons and Ann Demeulemeester. Those are the equivalents of our natural wines lovers, ready for a mind boggling experiment that completely changes the way they imagine and experience wine and gourmet food. Or to give it a more contemporary comparison, for all Lous Vuitton fans from ten years ago, there is a completely new generation of customers following the creative genius of Virgil Abloah today. That is precisely how much Mladen Roxanich, of whom we offer not less that 20 different labels, changed the world of wine.

Brand New Wines is proud to present the work of Mladen Roxanich exclusively in Switzerland - arguably the combined Virgil Abloah and Rei Kawakubo of wine, in as much as he redefined natural winemaking with his orange wines 20 years ago, and is now adding completely new, unexpected avant-garde twists to his creation, developing them ever further to defy even those categories, in order to creating a new paradigm:

Honest, natural wine for intelligent people.

Honest and natural winemaking

A lot of factors go into making a natural wine. It is more than just the process, it is a philosophy - a determination to make the final product, as well as its creation, utterly transparent. There should be no secrets.

Natural wine is a process, not an end result. We believe in the traditional art of winemaking. Ancient knowledge, perfected and carefully refined throughout the ages is woven into each bottle. Our selection ranges from light and refreshing whites, and roses to the rich, long aged and macerated orange and red wines. No matter what your preference, you will find a perfect bottle for any occasion.

What makes our wines natural

The winemaking process is reminiscent of the ancient times. The wines we provide would have been made much the same way hundreds of years ago.

Our winemakers don't use chemicals, apart from the minimal sulphite infusion before bottling. They treat their barrels only with natural agents, like beeswax, and do not introduce extraneous tannins to the wine.

What makes our wines honest

Our winemakers do not touch up our wines and make them uniform. They wish to give you the taste of each particular crop year, each outside element that shaped it and the art in bringing it all together. This way, you can taste its whole journey in each sip.

More then a promise

Some wines are sold en primeur, while they are still at the early stages of their fermentation. They are promised to the future owner long before they mature, sometimes years before they are bottled and ready to be tasted.

Our approach is different. We do not believe in selling you a promise, but to deliver on it.

We feel that you should be presented with a fully grown and matured - finished wine. This approach drives our work and our top range wines will continue to be sold to you ready to be enjoyed.