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  • Angel of Kiss
  • Angel of Kiss

Angel of Kiss

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Kolya Studio

Mirror-polished stainless steel

15 × 8 3/10 × 5 1/2 in 38 × 21 × 14 cm


At the Brand New World Salon in Zürich, Kolya Studio shows several key pieces from the ”Phantasms on Wheels” series, shown at essentail exhibitions in Shanghai and New York: Elaborating on the theme of “automobility” through the history of the 20th century art, starting from radical artistic experiments from the early century that would later develop in the direction of most diverse artistic concepts connected to the automobile and its social significance, we come to the artistic micro world of “Phantasms on Wheels” by Kolya Studio, juxtaposed in an intricate dialogue with selected robots from the “Robot Invasion” series.

If we presume that in a couple of previous centuries of the pre- industrial and industrial era angels were the decorative elements that were most commonly used in all the fields of applied arts – from tapestries, needlepoint and intarsions, through tableware and decorative plastics on façades, to illustrations or, let’s say, fabric patterns, robots are their substitutes or equivalents in the mass culture of the postindustrial, information era.

Angels being replaced by robots – this could be understood as a paradigmatic civilization turn in which robots are assuming the role of the angels of the new world order.

In turning his ideas into works of art, Kolya Bozovic does not respect the limits of genre and media conventions, emphasizing that fears, banal representations and human need to appreciate something beautiful were his principal preoccupation during the creation of his works comprised in the series “Robot Invasion”. In it, humans are bad guys, while robots acquire the status of good, emotional creatures: they cry, they are naughty, they urinate, they get angry, they become two-headed mutants, they acquire speech capacity and sex characteristics…Unlike the threatening and scary cyborgs, from Frankenstein at the beginning of the 19th century to Terminator, Kolja Bozovic creates humanized, highly aesthetized, lovable and alluring cyborgs, which arouse consumers’ wish to possess them as commodity. Thus, these humanized robots massively return among people, and they come back as the divine messengers of the cyber world or a presumed world of post-humanist utopia, as the messengers of some noble, angelic mission. Also, their shiny polished and reflecting surfaces allow an observer to see himself/herself and establish a dialogue (or monologue) on the state of humanity in the 21st century.


Kolya Studio is the new art concept by Nikola Kolja Bozovic, moving his studio first from Belgrade to Shanghai (and Beijing), and then opening another space in New York, simulaneously exihibiting in Europe, China and the USA. Nikola Kolja Bozovic (1975) graduated and won his master’s degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Member and one of the founders of the HYPE Group and the Art of Reality Association. From 1999 starts exhibiting at independent and group exhibitions and collaborating with the Zvono Gallery in Belgrade, which presented him at international exhibitions and fairs of contemporary art in Vienna, Cologne and Moscow. Winner of the award for student drawing (1999), the Golden Palette award (2001) and White Angel (2001), as well as the honorary award Centro-periferia (the exhibition of eighteen selected young artists from the whole world, Federculure, Rome, 2007). Winner of The Pollock – Krasner Foundation scholarship (2011). His works can be found in the RADIX collection in Belgrade, at the Belgrade City Museum, at the Borusan Collection in Istanbul, the Barsky Gallery Collection in New York, the China Art Museum in Shanghai and numerous private collections throughout the world.