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  • Art History

Art History

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Medium silkscreen
Size 41.4 x 29.3 in. / 105.2 x 74.3 cm.
Edition of 200
Hand Signed

The “Art History” is like an obituary with an educational twist, it’s consensual and witty and maybe it’s also a warning. As a wall piece it works on many levels, graphic, conceptual and even historical.
The piece is evolutive, for each new series of limited editions a new name will be added, making each series unique in its way. At some point it will stop. Every list has a final entry.

About the artist

Vuk Vidor was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1964. He currently lives and works in Paris. Vidor graduated the architecture school in Paris, and as artist combines modern art with pop art, therefore contrasting time periods.

Vuk Vidor's work revolves around the dual fascination for the absence of historic awareness in the modern world. This absence leads him to recreate mythology. With a Serbian and French background, Vidor points out the tensions in the European and American civilization.

"One can't describe Vuk Vidor's work: diversified and amazing, but mysterious at times. It still is painting. His aim isn't to please because his work is very personal (several patterns are linked to the artist's intimate life), but also a painting battle before anything else" wrote Jean-Luc Chalumeau about the artist.

He has done many exhibitions all over the world and taken part in fairs and major galleries.