Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it -
  • Roxanich Orange on the Rox Box

Roxanich Orange on the Rox Box

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Orange is the new Red!

Discover 3 bottles of Roxanich's long macerated, complex Chardonnay Roxanich Sara 3/6 from 2011, via the orgasmic, long aged Roxanich’s Malvasia Istriana Lara 1/6 from 2012, to the hypnotizing, globally awarded Roxanich Zara 5/6 assemblage from 2011.

Experience our amazing selection of rare Roxanich orange natural wines, without pesticides, chemicals and additives.


This wine box contains: Roxanich Sara 3/6 from 2011, Roxanich Lara 1/6 from 2012, Roxanich Zara 5/6 white wine assemblage from 2011.

Available Formats: 0,75l;

Region: Western Istria;

Lay / Vineyard orientation: Bačva / Bušure, Višnjan; South East / South, South West / West;