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  • Percy Pastel
  • Percy Pastel

Percy Pastel

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Playful, pale and very interesting, Percy Pastel is a pop of soft-hued, springtime colour all year round. With sweet, pearly tones, Percy is delicate, pretty and radiant.

Please note, our candles are individually handcrafted and therefore each one is unique. They may carry the odd mark or blemish – just like you and I.

Inspired by a classic stacking rings toy, the RE-OR candle is born from the natural, free-spirited experimental approach of the designers BCXSY (Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto) and draws on the ‘personal experiences, humanity and emotional awareness of their surroundings’.

Delicately and expertly hand-crafted, each candle provides up to 48 stylish silhouettes, allowing you to create your own shifting sculptural forms.

Sensory stimulation for the mind, body and soul, the RE-OR candle brings a unique and harmonious tranquillity – spreading joy to your home.