Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it -
  • Roxanich Philosophy Box
  • Roxanich Philosophy Box

Roxanich Philosophy Box

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For Mladen Rožanić, the challenge presented by Istrian reds lay in producing vintages that would improve over time. Accordingly, three distinctive labels of the 2005 vintage have been his first commercial vilifications, all three red wines.

As a self-educated winemaker respecting the wine making knowledge and tradition, Mladen’s mission was to trace the quality and the origin of everything that goes into that wine, permitting him to have complete transparency about the materials and procedures leading us to this mythical food called wine.

Being very conscious about the quality and the origin of our daily food, Mladen Rožanić begun to study Rudolf Steiner and his anthroposophical approach to the universe and to life, as well as the practical calendar by Maria Thun, as his base for biodynamic agriculture and wine-growing. In doing this, Mladen realized that time plays a significant role in all natural processes.

Time is probably the only thing in our civilization that we cannot buy. One has to take it in account honestly and frankly. Simply, time is incorruptible.

This thinking created Mladen’s ultimate vision of vinifying and ageing international and indigenous varietals - such as Teran, Merlot, Borgonja, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir - now extended to sparkling and fortified wine - as expressed in his premium, signatory philosophy range.

Discover the Roxanich Philosophy Box containing all 6 bottles.

Experience our amazing selection of rare Roxanich long aged natural wines, without pesticides, chemicals and additives.

This wine box contains:

Roxanich Bordo' 2011;

Roxanich Sauvage 2012;

Roxanich SuperIstrian 2013;

Roxanich Teran Re 2009;

Roxanich Pinot Noir 2008;

Roxanich Les Petites Bulles Istriennes 2009;

Available Formats: 0,75 l;
Region: Western Istria;
Lay / Vineyard orientation: Bačva / Bušure, Višnjan; South East / South, South West / West;

If our wine has travelled by post or in the trunk of your car, please allow it a week to settle at its new premises before opening. Please keep it always out of sunlight and at a temperature of under 15 degrees Celsius. It’s strictly natural wine, so it develops best with a lot of fresh air at consumption. Therefor please open - and decant if possible - the red wines several hours before consumption - best at noon if you plan to drink them for dinner - and the white wines at least two hours before consumption. Please place special attention to wine glasses: our natural wines are best experienced in as wide and open glasses as possible, allowing them to develop they stunning array of scents and aromas to their full potential.

Thanking you for such a treatment, Roxanich wines will return this care generously with stunning new levels of enjoyment.