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  • Roxanich Zara 5/6

Roxanich Zara 5/6

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Zara Rožanić is in the age of change. She is passionate about art, including her chef skills - far beyond her generation. Zara’s palate is absolutely impressive. She couldn’t imagine a vineyard harvest without her.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 is a classic case of sibling rivalry to Mara 4/6, objectified in the bottle: Zara watches Mara’s success and immediately decides she must do one better. The result is a feverishly wild ride in a bottle: fresh and invigorating and with all the boundless energy of the younger sibling.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 is a complex and intricately-layered wine that continues to change and evolve over the course of the evening: a field blend of not less than seven grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, Glera, Friulano and Riesling Italico.

Zara Rožanić’s sophisticated orange, long macerated field blend, of not less than seven grape varieties – a white dressed in red - Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, Glera, Friulano and Riesling Italico.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 retains the original fruitiness of the grape, but pleasantly surprises the palate with some hearty richness of secondary aromas, as result of up to 90 days contact with original tannins extracted out of the skin and pips of the grapes. The wine is bottled without clarification or stabilization, after up to nine years of careful ageing in wooden vats, barrels and giaras.

Zara features a spectacular aroma of dried apricot, orange blossom, oriental spices and saffron, as well as light nutty hints. The yeasty and fruity dryness impact is intense. Gentle in the beginning, Zara develops to full complexity on the palate, with long lasting lovely orange tannins that linger on the finish. It’s dry and full-bodied, rounded off by an irresistible freshness, remarkable amber color and gentle acidity. The Roxanich Zara 5/6 is dedicated to those connoisseurs who want to enjoy a meditative, energizing and raw orange wine, aged long and with love.

Tasting Notes: Top 3% of wines in the world by

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Available Vintages and Formats: 2010 | 0,75 - 1,5; 2011 | 0,75 - 1,5;
Wine Type: Orange Wine/ Long macerated field blend;
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, Glera, Friulano, Riesling Italico;
Harvest Date: 04.09.2011;
Maceration: 65 days;
Malolactic Fermentation: Completed;
Bottling: Without filtration 23.08.2021;
Ageing: 116 months;
Alcohol: 13,0 vol%;
Region: Western Istria;
Lay/ Vineyard Orientation: Bačva, Višnjan, South East / South, South West / West;
Elevation: 167-188 m;
Sunny Hours: 2711,1;
Precipitation: 549,7 mm;

If our wine has travelled by post or in the trunk of your car, please allow it a week to settle at its new premises before opening. Please keep it always out of sunlight and at a temperature of under 15 degrees Celsius. It’s strictly natural wine, so it develops best with a lot of fresh air at consumption. Therefor please open - and decant if possible - the red wines several hours before consumption - best at noon if you plan to drink them for dinner - and the white wines at least two hours before consumption. Please place special attention to wine glasses: our natural wines are best experienced in as wide and open glasses as possible, allowing them to develop they stunning array of scents and aromas to their full potential.

Thanking you for such a treatment, Roxanich wines will return this care generously with stunning new levels of enjoyment.