Roxanich Ageing Process

We believe in the traditional art of wine making. Ancient knowledge, perfected and carefully refined throughout the ages, is woven into each bottle bearing our Venetian family coat of arms from the 13th century.

Our dedication to honesty and all-natural production methods extends not just above-ground, but to our cellars as well. Extraneous influences on the wine are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our wines are fermented with indigenous yeast and matured with their own tannins, derived exclusively from pits, skins and eventually stems of each grape. This guarantees a natural body, nose and mouth-feel we maintain are inimitable and irreplaceable.

“Our goal is to create wines prepared for long ageing and long keeping.” - Mladen Rožanić


We quickly realized that wines we were creating had great potential for ageing. Samples kept in our archive keep getting better and better with each passing year. After more than 20 years of winemaking, we are getting very close to our goal.

Wines created for long keeping must be prepared correctly – from specially adjusted maceration processes, through alcohol fermentation, to the later stage of malolactic fermentation. The ageing duration we strive to, as embodiment of Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamics, is seven years. Seven is a product of a certain orientation. Great symbolic meaning is connected to this number. It represents the cycle of maturity. The school age of a child. The number of days in a week. The recovery period for our cells.

“I need to give time to my wines, years to mature. In that way, they receive all the intension, love and care to become a complete, well-balanced elixir of life.” - Mladen Rožanić

We do not touch up our wines and make them uniform. We wish to give you the taste of each particular vintage. We practice the art of bringing all influential elements together that frame that particular year. This way, you can taste its whole journey in each sip.

The teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the work of Maria Thun had a profound effect on our winemaking philosophy, giving root to the natural and honest winemaking practices we adhere to. Steiner was a 19th-century philosopher, spiritualist and the father of biodynamic agriculture - a type of organic farming, guided by the principles of sustainability of the planet Earth, adherence to the rhythms of the cosmos, and balance. He is the father of anthroposophy. Maria Thun expounded on Steiner’s philosophy, put it to practical use and developed a moon calendar, detailing the suitable days for each activity. An invaluable asset to natural winemakers.


Some wines are sold en primeur, while they are still at the early stages of their vinification. They are promised to the future owner long before they are ready for enjoyment, sometimes years before they are bottled and ready to be shipped.

Our approach is different. We do not believe in selling you a promise, but to deliver on it. We firmly hold to the opinion that wine should be presented only when it reaches its balance, and its enjoyment readiness. This approach drives our work and defines our dedication to deliver mature and well coached wines.