Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it -
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Roxanich Montona

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The Roxanich Montona is our full-hearted welcome to the worlds of the Malvasia Istriana grape and macerated white wines.

Unlike many of the “fresh style” Malvasia Istriana, Roxanich`s interpretation is more a wine alike, profound and arguably authentic expression of the classic Malvasia Istriana.

The Roxanich Montona is fresh and macerated from a few hours to a few days, subject to vintage, and has no extreme skin contact duration.

Fresh and macerated from a few hours to a few days, subject to vintage, the Roxanich Montona offers intense and seductive aromas, a superb fruity concentration, and yet is well-balanced with subtle acidity. On the nose come wafts of acacia blossoms, beeswax, chamomile and dried fruits.

This perfectly lively wine then goes on to reveal its mineral character and full volume with intriguing saltiness. The Roxanich Montona is full of energy and warmth that gives a youthful glamour to this wine - a genuine welcome message to Istria in a bottle.

Tasting Notes: Top 8% of wines in the world by

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Available Vintages and Formats: 2018 | 0,75;
Wine Type: White Wine;
Mono Cépage;
Varietal: Malvasia Istriana;
Harvest date: 01.09.2018;
Maceration: 3 - 4 hours;
Malolactic fermentation: Completed;
Bottling: Without filtration 29.07.2021;
Ageing: 32 months;
Alcohol: 12.5 vol%;
Region: Western Istria;
Lay / Vineyard orientation: Bačva, Višnjan, South East / South, South West / West;
Elevation: 167 - 188 m;
Sunny hours: 2406.2;
Precipitation: 858.3 mm;

If our wine has travelled by post or in the trunk of your car, please allow it a week to settle at its new premises before opening. Please keep it always out of sunlight and at a temperature of under 15 degrees Celsius. It’s strictly natural wine, so it develops best with a lot of fresh air at consumption. Therefor please open - and decant if possible - the red wines several hours before consumption - best at noon if you plan to drink them for dinner - and the white wines at least two hours before consumption. Please place special attention to wine glasses: our natural wines are best experienced in as wide and open glasses as possible, allowing them to develop they stunning array of scents and aromas to their full potential.

Thanking you for such a treatment, Roxanich wines will return this care generously with stunning new levels of enjoyment.