Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it -
  • Roxanich Rovigno
  • Roxanich Rovigno

Roxanich Rovigno

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An assemblage of a light and young character with refreshing energy, coming out of the bottle in golden nuances.

The Roxanich Rovigno, as the name implies, is dedicated to that most recognisable icon of the Adriatic coast and Istria - the postcard-perfect city of Rovinj.

How to capture the beauty of such a city in a bottle?

Three varietals of Malvasia Istriana, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay are macerated and spontaneously fermented to embody the sun, the land, and the soul of Istria in a dry, soft and velvety white with pears flavors, dried fruit stones, a scent of nuts, minerality, and a hint of white pepper.

Tannins are alive and smooth, tickling across the palate. The aftertaste is soft, fresh and spectacularly long-lasting - like a memory of Istria’s most favoured city.

Tasting Notes: Top 17% of wines in the World

Available Vintages and Formats: 2016, 0.75l;
Varietals: Malvasia Istriana, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay;
Harvest date: 15.09.2016.;
Malolactic fermentation: Completed;
Maceration: 4 days;
Bottling: Without filtration 26.07.2019.;
Ageing: 32 months;
Alcohol: 13.0 vol%;
Region: Western Istria;
Lay / Vineyard orientation: Bačva, Višnjan, South East / South, South West / West;
Elevation: 167 - 188 m;
Sunny hours: 2337.4;
Precipitation: 1142.6 mm;