Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created and the strict natural, organic philosophy behind it -
  • Roxanich Teran Re
  • Roxanich Teran Re

Roxanich Teran Re

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A hidden jewel among Istrian grape varietal wines for experienced wine lovers.

The first mention of the “Teran” wine dates back to the fourteenth century, when it was served in ceramic bottles to imperial emissaries. Until one hundred years ago, it was the most widespread grape variety in Istria, and its wild character is, to this day, an inseparable part of Istria’s identity.

Teran is a wine with character, strength, persistency and a slightly higher acidity. Historically the wine of Istrian peasant families, it has also found its way to the tables of noblemen. 

The Roxanich Teran Re stands on its own, featuring a pronounced structure, harmonic, amazingly fresh, well-aged, but yet a surprisingly big red wine, with significant ageing potential. Bottled without filtration after six to ten years in large wooden vats and barrels, Teran Re is one of the most authentic Istrian Teran wines.

The Roxanich Teran Re is an artistically well-balanced wine blend of mostly Teran, with a smaller part of Refosco. The color of this wine is ruby to garnet, with lovely intensity. Rich and robust in character, with a large quantity of polyphenols, Teran Re features alcohol that perfectly fits the wine, without disturbing its overall experience. 

Fruity, complex and intense flavors follow notes of black currant, liquor ice, cherry, dried cranberry, red pepper, toasted bread, hints of leather and tobacco, prune and earthy notes. The tannins are smooth and fit the rest of its elegant character. Clean in the glass, dry, extremely vibrant and lively on the palate, Teran Re is a perfect choice for experienced wine lovers.

Tasting Notes: Top 1% of wines in the World

Falstaff Roxanich Teran Review

Available Vintages and Formats: 2009, 0.75l;
Wine Type: Red Wine; ;
Varietal: Teran, Refosco;
Harvest date: 19.10.2009.;
Maceration: 33 days
Malolactic fermentation: Completed;
Bottling: Without filtration 26.07.2019.
Ageing: 112 months;
Alcohol: 13.5 vol%
Region: Western Istria;
Lay / Vineyard orientation: Bušure, Višnjan, South East / South, South West / West;
Elevation: 167 - 188 m
Sunny hours: 2466,6
Precipitation: 886,8 mm